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First thing to remember, the idea for Trike Patrol was born in just that, a trike. Given that there are so many horny women on the streets of the Philippines, it seemed like a perfect plan. After all, and as the saying goes, someone had to do it. Enter my friend Bruce Hammer and a bottle of San Miguel, the idea was born. With attention towards all of the pinay fucking we have collectively done, we decided to put it all on film.

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From 2005 until now, the Trike continues to role and the filipina pussy is always on board. Of course, this takes a great deal of effort and a whole lot of cruising and mongering. All in all it’s been a great ride and getting better with each new scene. According to our loyal members, Trike Patrol is the best in Asian porn, bar none. These lusty amateurs cannot be found anywhere else and that is what makes us so special.

For that reason, we welcome you to join the ride as we open our Trike Patrol Diaries for you. See for yourself the stories and kinky adventures we have to offer. Take the trip of a lifetime and Patrol the back streets of the Philippines for hot pinay pussy. Filmed largely in POV style, you will find every type of sexy pinay under the sun. All of our models are exclusive to Trike Patrol and offer that special touch. So hop aboard, the bulge in your pants will let you know you are on the right path.

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